Haven is yours.
I made it for you.

Your ideal nail spa experience

I’m KaSundra! I want you to enjoy a nail spa experience design perfectly with you in mind. Haven is yours, a place where you are truly free to beYOUtiful. I founded Haven just for you. You lead a hectic, challenging life and your wins are hard-earned. I want to ease that plight by offering a solution to your daily chaos; Haven. This nail spa exists to deliver loving respite from your highly visible lifestyle. Haven is your private, professional, ideal spa experience.

A place run on love

I aim to serve and conduct myself in ways that please God and benefit you because of love. Love drives me; understanding it, expressing it and sharing it. That drive is reflected in my service to you, my conduct as a professional and the atmosphere I create for you. I offer a sanctuary of peace to your challenging life because I knew you would truly appreciate it.

Deep, meaningful, life-enriching connections with people mean worlds more to me than money. So I focus all of my care and attention on you; the one client presently before me.

An experience. A promise.

From what is seen to what is heard, from what is smelt to what is felt, I believe you should sense how special you are to me throughout your Haven experience. That’s my promise to you: You will feel as special as you are at Haven.

What I believe

I believe you, the individual, are special and that it’s my calling to remind you that you are.
I believe love is expressed through choices and that my choices should show that I love you.
I believe service excellence is a valuable promise with a fair value.
I believe it’s a great honor that you trust me and that what you entrust to me must never become material for gossip. Ever.


I have always done my on mani/pedi because of the trust issues with other salons. I was introduced to Kasundra Two years ago. I found heaven. Very relaxing and the service was excellent. This place is home to me, and Kasundra is the best, and has a very warm spirit.

— Bernadette Wright

I visited for a pedi and I loved it. I adore this young lady her vibe is so good! Her work delivered with excellence and love was much needed. The ambience, the all natural scrub & cream…hmm hmm good! It’s that time again and I am returning for more foot love!

— Sonia Barber

This place is the best… Nowhere else compares. You’ll be the only client KaSundra is focused on, and you will love the huge comfortable chairs, great music and beautiful hand-made lotions and scrubs that she makes herself. Such a creative and talented professional. You’ll never go back to a strip-mall mani/pedi again. Treat yourself to a facial while you’re there and walk away looking, feeling and smelling awesome. Then tell your friends.

— Emma Hind Robson