Body Therapy Treatments

Take a look at the body therapy treatments Haven offers; they’re all tailored to your unique needs. And, because we love you, we’re only going to use the best products to get your hands, feet and body happy and healthy.

Haven is not your average nail spa. With a single client service experience, you’re given personalized care. At Haven, treatments are designed with you in mind; your client history, needs and challenges. Your personal wellness goals are our service goals.

Explore our treatment categories to learn more, or just give me, KaSundra, a call at 678-978-6391 if you have questions about anything at all.

Hands & Feet

Haven’s manicures and pedicures are high-quality, health-first treatments that can be performed with or without water.

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Body Waxing

Trust Haven to take gentle care of removing unwanted hair from your head, body, arms and legs with a variety of the finest waxing techniques.

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Haven offers you personalized facial treatments to enhance the health and look of your skin. We begin with a conversation about your goals and challenges so that we can achieve the best health for your skin.

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