Body Waxing

A variety of the finest waxing products suitable for various skin and hair types. Special healing balm soothes your skin and avoids after waxing break outs. Proper sanitation and sterilizing are always practiced for all metal tools and new waxing sticks are used for each guest— NEVER Double Dipping.


Brow: $18.00

Brow Tweezing: $22.00

Lip: $10.00

Nose: $25.00

Ear: $20.00

Sideburns: $12.00

Chin: $12.00

Neck: $22.00

Arms and Body

Stomach: $25.00

Full Chest: $48.00

Half Back: $29.00

Full Back: $58.00

Shoulder: $38.00

Underarm: $22.00

Half Arm: $25.00

Full Arm: $35.00

Fingers: $12.00


Basic Bikini: $32.00

French Bikini: $42.00

Deep Bikini: $58.00

Half Monty Brazilian: $70.00

Full Monty Brazilian: $90.00

Half Leg: $44.00

Full Leg: $88.00

Toes: $12.00

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